Meet Our Team

Just a snapshot of some of Inspired’s superstars!


Job TItle: Outbound Sales Advisor (Telecommunication)

Michael has worked for Inspired for over three years.

“The best thing about Inspired is the people. I have met and worked with some amazing colleagues, coaches and managers. I love having a chat with customers and talking passionately about new products and gadgets. Not only have I been able to hone my selling technique, but I have also had opportunities to coach and lead new starters. I can’t wait to see where I end up, but I know something Inspired is where it started.”

-Michael (Flanny)


Job Title: Outbound Sales Advisor (Utility Campaign)

Ben is one of our best outbound sales advisors and earns up to £2,000 commission on top of his normal salary each month.

“I used to be a personal trainer and came into Inspired, not knowing whether I’d stick it out or not. I found I had a natural flair for sales, and the buzz and satisfaction I get from smashing target is a great feeling. I’ve worked on the utility campaign since it began; I spend my days trying to get customers a better deal and explaining the in’s and outs of gas and electricity. Inspired runs in my blood, and I’m proud to work with a cracking bunch of people.”



Job Title: Quality Co-Ordinator (Telecommunication)

Sarah has worked at Inspired for over 5 years

“I feel like I’ve worked at Inspired my whole life, I just love it. I started as an agent and worked my way up to my current role. It’s my job to mark agent calls and make sure they are compliant and reflective of our company and client values. I work closely with our client, team managers and agents. I’m always on hand to answer questions and help our agents with queries. My favourite thing about Inspired is the companies dedication to Better Health at Work, I really enjoy getting involved with fitness and healthy eating activities.”

– Sarah


Job Title: Operations Manager (Telecommunication Campaign)

“Inspired is a family. That’s the best and simplest way I can describe working here. I’m the longest-serving member of staff in the business and I can say honestly that coming to work isn’t like work at times here. I’ve progressed from an agent through the roles to now manage an entire campaign. From the incentives to the evolution of the centre and all that work here, it really is like one big family. Employees here take pride in the job they do for a company who repays that loyalty and effort. If you want to be the best you can be, then be a part of Inspired.”