Meet Our Team

Some of our family members


Tim is just new to the business currently training within our Inspired Academy but is progressing very well…

“Over the last 2 weeks Tim has shown great progression in Knowledge of the campaign he is on, improvement with compliance and is also now consistency selling each day. Tim has the right attitude we want in this business and he has shown what working smart can do. Tim is also a decent guy, he has good crack and also helps other team members around him. Well done mate, You have my respect”

-Danny (Inspired Trainer)

Sarah K

Sarah started the business as an Outbound Sales Advisor on one of our major utility campaigns. She has also progressed into a Quality Support role within her first 2 years with us, find out what she has to say…

I’ve been with the business coming up 2 years in November. During that time I have worked alongside every type of character going who has provided a positive impact on my working life. They continue to ensure that a vibrant atmosphere is created daily within the business, because of this I have grown as a person both in the skills that I’ve acquired as well as my outlook in life.”


Ben is one of our best outbound sales advisors and earns up to £2,000 commission on top of his normal salary each month.

“I used to be a personal trainer and came into Inspired not really knowing whether I’d stick it out or not… I found I had a natural flair for sales and the buzz and satisfaction I get from smashing target is a great feeling. As well as making great commission I have won city breaks, an iPad, two 50” flat screen TV’s, cash prizes and all kinds of ad-hoc prizes that keep the morale high. I was recently given the opportunity to step in to a Team Leader role sharing my knowledge and experience with others and it’s just as rewarding seeing people improve like I did. It’s great working for a company that recognises hard work and promotes from within on a regular basis.”


Operations Manager

“Inspired is a family. That’s the best and simplest way I can describe working here. I’m the longest serving member of staff in the business and I can say honestly that coming to work isn’t like work at times here. I’ve progressed from an agent through the roles to now manage an entire campaign. From the incentives to the evolution of the centre and all that work here, it really is like one big family. Employees here take pride in the job they do for a company who repays that loyalty and effort. If you want to be the best you can be then be a part of Inspired.”

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