Inspired Outsourcing Raises the Bar with £11.50 Minimum Wage and Uncapped Commission for All Agents

by | Jun 13, 2024 | Be Inspired, Business News, Community Blog, Uncategorized | 0 comments

At Inspired Outsourcing, we’re excited to announce that all our agents will now earn at least £11.50 per hour. This new wage floor is higher than the UK’s national minimum wage, which varies by age but is generally lower than this new benchmark. For example, those aged 18-21 must be paid at least £8.60 per hour by law, but we pay £11.50 regardless of age. This inclusive pay structure encourages younger participants to apply, knowing they will receive the same wage as their older colleagues.

In addition to this competitive base pay, we offer all our agents the ability to earn uncapped commission. This means that our agents have the potential to significantly boost their earnings based on performance, providing an additional incentive to excel in their roles.

We are committed to hiring agents based on passion, personality, and potential rather than solely on experience. This inclusive approach ensures that talented individuals, regardless of their work history, have the opportunity to thrive. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing employment opportunities for those aged over 18, further broadening the scope of our recruitment.

Situated in the heart of Newcastle on Grey Street, our central location makes us easily accessible and a prime workplace for those in the area. This decision reflects our commitment to valuing our workforce and ensuring that all employees receive a living wage. By setting our minimum wage at £11.50 per hour and providing opportunities for unlimited commission, we not only support our staff’s financial well-being but also set a positive example within the industry.

Kev Hutchinson, our Managing Director, shared his thoughts: “We have been an independent Newcastle-based contact centre for nearly 14 years, and we want to attract talent regardless of age, experience, or background. We think an equal wage is a fantastic way to do this.”

Higher wages and the prospect of uncapped earnings can lead to improved job satisfaction, increased productivity, and lower staff turnover, benefits that we undoubtedly aim to achieve. This progressive move is a win-win for both our company and our employees, highlighting the importance of fair pay and performance-based incentives in today’s competitive job market.