On #WorldChocolateDay Inspired decided to treat our employees to an afternoon treat. We decided that we also wanted something a little bit special and sourced a local chocolatier.

As a proud independent “Geordie” company, we found the perfect company and chocolate bar.

The Chocolate Smiths make handmade chocolate in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Their chocolate is super high quality and wrapped by hand.

Their Geordie Bar was right up our street.

“This bar is part of our ‘Supporting Small Business’ range. We are really passionate about supporting the people behind the product – we think their talent deserves to be recognised! This Geordie wrapper has been created by local artist James Dixon who owns ‘Lines Behind’. You can check out more of James’ work and show your support here Lines Behind – LinesBehind

All of our chocolate is proudly made right here, in Newcastle Upon Tyne! We’re proud to be Geordies, so we thought we’d make a chocolate bar to showcase – just what it means to be part of the toon! This bar is made with milk and white chocolate, filled with gooey caramel and is topped off with a solid chocolate heart – that’s gold of course!

A true Geordie is hard on the outside, but soft on the inside, with a heart of gold. “

Employee comments included “that is naughty”,

“where is this from – it’s amazing”

“I think it’s the best chocolate i’ve ever had”

Consequently, #WorldChocolateDay was a triumph.

Check out the chocolate smiths here – https://www.thechocolatesmiths.com