CEO Sleep Out

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On the 24th of March 2022, Inspired Outsourcing’s, Managing Director took part in Newcastle United Foundation’s CEO SleepOut. CEO Sleepout brings business leaders together to make a stand against homelessness. To date, they have funded over 100 hard-working charities on the frontline of homelessness, with money raised at CEO Sleepout events. This has changed countless lives.
Kev was challenged to raise over £1000k and spend the night outside, in the stands of St James Park.

Kev reflected upon his experience.

“Spending one night outdoors, but sheltered, supervised, with warm clothes, toilets, tea and coffee available all night and St Johns ambulance on hand, is nothing more than a token gesture considering what hundreds of thousands of homeless people go through and in many cases will never know anything different. Largely because of broken relationships, bereavement, drug or alcohol addiction, or physical, mental or sexual abuse. Almost all homeless people would have had experiences to reflect on like going to the match with their Dad, or having lovely family Christmases and holidays, graduations and birthdays parties. Then through circumstance, they find themselves alone and in desperate need of compassion and empathy. Next time you walk past a homeless person, remember that they are a person, there is a story, a history, and they have memories just like you and me. Raising awareness and money for homeless charities gives homeless people hope that one day they’ll be treated like human beings again.”

You can still donate to Kev’s Just giving page