Inspired Outsourcing end challenging year with, ‘Continuing Excellence’ Better Health at Work Award! 

This year, (2020) The Better Health at Work Award (BHAWA) celebrates a fantastic eleven years of making northeast workplaces happier and healthier.

2020 has been a year dominated by the challenges of Covid-19 which has caused workplaces to change how they work, how it approaches health concerns, and the toll isolation can take on mental health.

Inspired Outsourcing has faced the same challenges as a multitude of businesses across the country – and infact the entire globe. Their staff now work from home, the business closed temporarily in March, and a whole host of changes have since come into effect.

However, Inspired is thrilled that they have achieved yet another Better Health at Work accolade.

Here is a snapshot of some of their feedback.


“This assessment firmly established IO as the (very welcome) “Come-back kids” of 2020! This has been a very difficult year for IO and at one point they took the understandable decision to defer their CE assessment having suffered a personal and organisational tragedy and the furlough of all staff. However, in true IO spirit, they have emerged strong, together, effective and even more committed to staff health and wellbeing.”

Congratulations Inspired!