Inspired is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of its employees. Over the past four years, Inspired Outsourcing has completed the bronze, silver and gold Better Health at Work Awards. As part of our commitment to our employees, we launch multiple educational and informative campaigns each year. In 2020 Inspired are committing to raising awareness of cancer and providing information to reduce the risk of cancer, and supportive signposting for those affected by cancer.

This year we have joined Jo’s Cervical Trust and signed the “Time to Test Pledge”. As a company, we have committed to making sure all female employees can attend their smear appointment even if this must occur during work time.

Here is our pledge,

We the employer are pledging our support to Time to Test.

Through displaying our company on the Time to Test website and using the logo, we are demonstrating our commitment to raising awareness of cervical cancer prevention in our workplace and ensuring our female employees can access cervical screening.
The health of our employees comes first, and if employees cannot make appointments out of working hours, we will find a way to make sure they can attend cervical screening, even if it means doing so during their working day.
Cervical cancer is a life-threatening disease, but one that is largely preventable thanks to screening and vaccination. 1 in 4 women across the UK do not attend cervical screening when invited, and this number is rising, we want to play our part in reversing this.
We are proud to add our voice to the campaign which calls on employers across the UK, regardless of size or industry, to raise awareness of cervical cancer, reduce the barriers to screening and ensure more women can have the Time to Test.