Here at Inspired, staff engagement and better health at work is a priority for us as a business, so what could be better than to offer a healthier lunch to our workforce. Well, how about the owners of the business cooking and serving up something special in the canteen?

After trialling a very popular Breakfast Club, it was clear to us a Lunch Club would probably prove more popular because of our working hours and timed lunch breaks.

Meat Free Monday

With a budding Masterchef who owns the business, Kevin was all go with his partner in crime Paul, preparing and cooking three great meals, all of which were meat free and on a Monday. Probably about 90% of our workforce eat meat regularly with a tiny few vegetarians, and of those 90% we can bet not a lot of those would have a healthy diet consuming the typical recommended daily portions of vegetables.

So, Kev developed three vegetarian meal options including a Curry, Soup and a Chilli as outlined below:

Option 1 – Sweet Potato & Chickpea Curry with Rice and Naan Bread
Option 2 – Spicy 5 Bean Chilli  with Rice, Guacomole and Sour Cream
Option 3 – Butternut Squash Chilli & Coconut Soup with Crusty Bread

We will be providing these recipes as a free download after our next Lunch Club for the New Year, so watch out for those!

Apart from the packet rice to help speed things up a little, all meals were cooked fresh. Even the guacamole was prepared from a special recipe and made fresh in the canteen, and we all agree the added chilli flakes just made it that extra bit tasty.

Not only did Lunch Club educate our workforce about being creative with vegetables, but it also enhanced our engagement with our staff and created a buzz about the place with a positive vibe being felt in the office all day.

We would like to challenge other local business owners to provide and educate their workforce with healthy meals for their lunch or even breakfasts. Lunch Club’s are a great way to help teach a younger demographic such as ours how to cook and what to eat. The feedback we got from this latest Lunch Club was amazing. Most of those who ate were happy to pay £3+ for a healthy meal and even ask for the recipes afterwards. The majority of the 90% who were meat eaters also couldn’t agree more about how tasty the meals were and understood that there are alternative options to just eating meat or consuming vegetables.

From that feedback we feel we really made a difference and are already looking forward to our next Lunch Club.