As it’s Alcohol Awareness Week in November, what better way to raise awareness of Alcoholism and the effects it has on a person’s life than to make a pledge ‘before’ the festive period.

With Dry January coming up ‘after’ the Christmas period, we felt the need to gather a group of people working for Inspired who may need a bit of help, a bit of focus, or those who simply just want to show support to the campaign.

This week would be the perfect time to acquire Dry January pledges – to go dry for 31 days in January.
We all know nobody would want to pledge to stay dry for the Christmas period, and with 2018 approaching, a Dry January would be a great start to a New Year’s Resolution.

We are aware the majority of our workforce enjoys a regular tipple, whether that be a weekend drink or a daily evening glass of wine to take the edge off a tough day. The first step would be to identify those who need to break the habit. Then ask for others to join in and support the group during January.

From our initial announcement about Dry January and Alcohol Awareness Week, we were very surprised to find a large number of people within our workforce who have been massively affected by the effects of alcohol in their life, some losing their parents to it.
We wonder how many more have bee affected by it and we will no doubt find more people as we collect our Dry January pledges.

How do we track whether the group will stay dry in January?

The only way we can track is through honesty, but also through friends and family outside of work keeping an eye on the group through sponsorship towards Alcohol Concern. Each member of the pledge group will be supplied with a Dry January sponsorship form.


  • Charley Scanlan
  • Katy Bramley
  • Amy Taylor
  • Sarah Barber
  • Helen Gilbert
  • Charlotte Westlake
  • Kevin Hutchinson
  • Tracy Taylor
  • James Paterson
  • Ben Taylor
  • Sophie Walvin
  • Henry Moy
  • Elliott Murphy
  • Kay Parker
  • Michael Grieveson

Throughout the course of this week we will be raising awareness of alcoholism and at the same time acquiring pledges on video across social media getting ready for Dry January.

If you are going to drink this festive period, please drink in moderation. It’s not just yourself you could damage, but also the loved ones around you. Know your limits!

Will you pledge to go dry for 31 days in January?