Not being your typical Call Centre, here at Inspired we like to have fun when we can.
Keeping spirits high might be too literal at this time of year, but that’s exactly what we did.

So how do we make it an Inspired Halloween?

Here are the ingredients for the annual ritual:
3x Large Boxes of Creepy Call Centre Decorations
3x Pumpkins
3x Creepy Party Game Challenges
1x Fancy Dress competition
1x Haunted Office
1x Beetlejuice


STEP 1 – Take inspiration from Beetlejuice

Yes that’s right, when organising any Halloween party, who better to get ideas from than the craziest ghoul of all – Beetlejuice. Just don’t say it three times or you might end up with one of our senior management climbing out of the screen to speak to you.
With a set budget from Beetlejuice, we produced two major prizes. One for the best fancy dress who would receive £50 cash, and the other a team prize of a lunch buffet for the campaign who acquires the most points from the challenges issued throughout the day.

STEP 2 – Mix in the call centre decorations

3 lots of decorations are produced for each team to decorate their areas.
Throw points for the best decorated area into the mix, give it a stir to generate a bubbly cauldron of excitement.

STEP 3 – Carve some pumpkins

Offer points for the best carved pumpkin, leave to simmer and enjoy the ghoulish results.
WARNING: The thought of being carved open may be too much for any pregnant pumpkins as it can cause premature birth.

STEP 4 – Add Apples, Toilet Paper and a severed arm

Mix two tubs of water with 32 apples and use two people’s teeth to remove.
Wrap 3 people in toilet paper
Wrap a ‘One Direction’ Blindfold around 2 more people and a Pikachu, then re-attach a zombie’s arm.
Offer points for the winners of the above.

STEP 5 – Dress up your workforce

To add a bit of excitement, introduce £50 prize for the best outfit as the topping to your broth.
Although a halloween fancy dress is supposed to be an opportunity to be creative and scary, one member of our workforce who won the prize couldn’t be more scarier – and he even travelled on the Metro to and from work. We feel for the poor kids who had to witness this ghastly entity:


Pick A Winner!

There was only one campaign who won the challenge, and the Ops manager was over the moon….his team will enjoy a free buffet courtesy of the business.

Did you see our CCTV footage?

There are stories of a haunting in the All Saints Church just next to our office building.
We decided to pull up some CCTV footage from the weekend before halloween, and this is what we found…
(could this be Jack the Beadle?)