We are proud to celebrate some more graduations from our Inspired Academy on one of our campaigns.

Congratulations go to the following 6 members…

Adam Rafique
Anthony White
Helen Gilbert
Adele Stanyon
Abbie Culyer

Find out what Katy, our Academy Manager, has to say about the graduates below:

“These are the first of our agents to graduate onto the core floor since we changed the way we train and support our staff based on the feedback we receive from our forums.

We currently have 16 new team members in the Academy ranging from week 1 to existing staff who have come in for some additional coaching and support so it’s a great mix of people on the team, great banter, everyone gets on well and wants to do a great job – that’s all we can ask for, we can train product knowledge and sales training but we can’t train resilience, drive and determination.

At the end of the month we may be celebrating more graduations, we will get the buffet trays out again for this – no good for my diet this team but they are great to work with – Watch this space” – Katy.