Everyone was jumping that the AllStar Games has come to an end, awaiting the news about which campaign won overall. They literally were jumping too,  as the contenders in the last game had to do as many Burpees as they could within 2 minutes. The best was 44 in 2 minutes, do you think you could beat that?

First up were a pair who started very brightly and we felt might go onto win the challenge. Jordan Smith and Gary Curran put in a great effort encouraging each other through the pain barrier, managing to only stop a couple of times for breath within the 2 assigned minutes. Great valiant effort from them especially as their team were winning the whole competition.

Next up were Daniel Wood and Ben Bainbridge who deserve more credit than they will receive as they did give it their all. But unfortunately they were simply not fit enough as they will confirm and had to stop quite a number of times to take a breather.

However last but not least were the winners of this challenge, and unbelievably Gavin Jary showed everyone how to do it coming out on top and helping his team to victory of the Burpees. Will Brown also did extremely well to keep up with Gavin and work as a team. So excellent effort from both of you.

So, who did win the AllStar Games overall?

Well congratulations are in order for for our EE campaign contenders who won with an overall point score of 1,766 compared to second place SP, who were only behind by 17 points with 1,749!

Big up to Adam Grant, Ryan Richardson, Liam Gibson, Chelsey Taylor, Haley Mitcheson, Jordon Smith and Gary Curran. You just did enough to win (although I would give Ryan Richardson a massive pat on the back for his Basketball performance, without that extra special performance you probably wouldn’t of won it).

Also thanks go to Nikki Bell from the British Heart Foundation who made an appearance to congratulate our Burpee contenders and ourselves for a great week of exercise, competition and heart disease exposure. She was up for a Burpee challenge but lucky for her we didn’t have time to arrange it. Maybe next time!