Our 4th day of our AllStar Games this week was Skipping for 2 minutes flat. 

Skipping is a full body workout which is one of the best cardio exercises you can do for a healthy heart.  It not only tones muscles but also helps weight loss through burning a LOT of calories.

We counted how many skips our contenders could do inside 2 minutes. We had three very different challengers today with one being an ex personal trainer hoping he would win the challenge and a sneaky dark horse ex boxer who knew how to work the ropes.

First up was Haley who was dressed in the right attire for the challenge and opted to skip on our landing because there was no way she could do it in her knee high boots. She did really well and quickly realised herself at the end how unfit she was after only 2 minutes of exercise. This seems to be a theme running through our challengers this week. We are hoping this will kick start them back getting into shape.

Next was a born winner. Someone who loves to win and perform well. Someone who is highly competitive and was a personal trainer years ago (before he broke his leg). Ben probably did everything wrong in the challenge. His clothes were heavy and too hot. His lanyard was in his way. Pants too tight. Plus unlike him he gave up 10 seconds before the end (just think Ben just two more swings of the rope and you could of had your campaign at the top of the leaderboard). He didn’t do too bad to be honest, gave it a good go despite the conditions but was no match for the next contender….

Branden was up last and quietly and professionally got on with the task at hand never really breaking a sweat or losing his rope. The professional skipper confessed up afterwards he trained as a boxer for 6 years and outperformed our other two by a good 200 points! He really showed Ben how to do it properly, amazing stuff!

Hopefully after these challenges the contenders will sign up for our Newcastle Can team, join in our ongoing activities to improve the health and fitness of our workforce.