Today’s AllStar Game, the Crazy Catch, tested not only the contenders skill and fitness, but also their reactions.

Doing this for even one minute raises your heart rate, but for the 3 minutes we have decided on will surely keep the heart pumping and the arms working. You also need great hand eye co-ordination and it really is a lot of fun. Another great piece of equipment hired from Tyne and Wear Sport, so thank you to them!

With two contenders Ben and Nathan arriving late (shame on them), two worthy substitutes stepped up to the challenge. James Paterson and Lindsay Watson did themselves proud for their teams.

Chelsey was the first one up to the line and after that initial practice run, finding her feet (and her hands), she started the challenge sloppy with underarm throwing, but grew into it with confidence and realised by the end how difficult Crazy Catch actually is. However the end result was a great attempt and managed to keep her team at the top of the leaderboard by over 20 points.

Next up was the quirky James Paterson who after his practice run found that sitting down with the Crazy Catch gave him better concentration and was probably the better tactic to use to win. Being very competitive he was pretty sure this tactic would get him the points to gain leadership. Did it work? Well, he did win the game, but also had a few awkward moments scrambling across the floor trying to get the ball when he missed. At one point having to crawl behind the net like a dog playing fetch!
Even though he was sitting down and at one point on his knees, he was still visibly tired after 3 minutes workout (probably from the crawling around he did).

Last but certainly not least as she gained second in this game, was Lindsay Watson. Acting as an impact substitute she tried her hand at Crazy Catch, got hooked after her practice round and stated her place in the game. With only a few minor drops and hiccups her catching wasn’t too shabby at all and she seemed to enjoy the workout afterwards too!

Great all round fun from everyone involved today, 3 minutes might not seem a lot but it certainly was for these three contenders who really enjoyed themselves. Now for Day 4!