On the 10th of September we return with a new team of runners for the Great North Run to raise a target of £2,000 for our charity partner – the Alan Shearer Foundation

The Magnificent Seven consists of absolute amateur runners, with no real training behind them, and a vast lack of Great North Run experience between them all. Taking part is a big challenge for each of them but completion of the run will be such an achievement to be proud of, not only because they have completed the Great North Run, but also, hopefully they would of raised up to £2,000 for the Alan Shearer Foundation helping to ‘provide free sensory and specialist leisure activities and offer free respite breaks for profoundly disabled children and adults’. You can read more about Alan Shearer’s Foundation and the Alan Shearer Centre here.

So, who are the Magnificent Seven?

These people deserve a mention as they all seem pretty nervous for the challenge ahead, and we will catch up with them afterwards to get some insight into how they felt during the run and after when they crossed the finish line. But they all know and appreciate what they are doing it for which motivates them.

Tracy Hollingsworth
Kevin Brown
James Paterson
Warren Watson
Cameron Johnstone
Sarah Krzyzanowski
James Myers

So please keep a look out for them on the day, on TV, and the jazzy new top design provided by the Alan Shearer Foundation and give them a round of applause.

Each runner must raise a minimum of £250 individually so any donations to them personally would be much appreciated, however you can also contribute to the overall cause by visiting our donations page by clicking the banner below (Please state the person you are donating for and put GNR as the reference)…