Our second day of the AllStar Games this week was more about cardio and the rowing machine. A 5 minute workout was setup to see how far the contender can row in metres and to see how many calories they burn.

We hired the rowing machine from Tyne and Wear Sport, which was perfect for our little meeting room, converted for the AllStar Games. The machine could come apart and easily be stored away which we took advantage of having a few other pieces of equipment in the room too.

Recognising how even just a 5 minute workout on a rowing machine can really get your blood pumping and your heart working, we challenged and encouraged not just the three contenders, but anyone else later that day who wanted to give it a go too. We set the resistance to the lowest value of 1 on the rowing machine to keep it fair as we also recognised some contenders hadn’t done any exercise at all.

This second game started with someone who, if you were a betting person, would probably of been the favourite (unless James Paterson had of originally been in it of course, we all know how good he was at the Wake and Shake with Newcastle Can recently). Liam Gibson started with confidence and speed but kept a great steady pace up the whole 5 minutes virtually travelling 1,177 metres. Was he over confident? Did his tight jeans restrict him from doing more? Only Liam will know…

Next up was someone new to our business but gave it his all and did himself and his team very proud. Daniel Simpson stepped up to the mark and raised the bar by travelling a virtual distance of 1,216 metres. Excellent stuff from him for his team. Ben Taylor’s prep talk and quick 1 minute training demonstration certainly did the trick. Or was it simply the grit and determination Daniel showed in the last minute to beat his rivals? Sorry Ben we think it was Daniel’s own determination to win this one, but certainly great advice!

Last but not least was a great man who was the first to put his hand up for this challenge. Someone who we felt sorry for at the end of his attempt. Someone who had to stop after 4 minutes allowing our cameraman Steven to step up and contribute to the points total for his team. This man gave it his all for the team. His sweat, increased heart rate and even his farts were clearly prominent afterwards. But he did himself justice. Well done to that man Henry Moy, who after 4 minutes realised how unfit he was and managed to travel a few hundred metres and burn off the calories from the Jaffa Cake he had previously.  Definitely a contender for our Newcastle Can team.

Another great day of games, the rowing challenge being the hardest yet and burning an average of 70 calories for 5 minutes workout.
Well done to all!