Our first day of the AllStar Games here at Inspired is over. 

We joined forces with Tyne and Wear Sport to hire some of their equipment towards a week long fitness challenge.
Tyne and Wear Sport brought the equipment into our offices on the 5th floor and set them all up and demonstrated them ready to play – top service!

Not only did we want to create some fun with a competition between our campaigns, but we developed the games to help promote and build awareness of Heart Disease in conjunction with the British Heart Foundation.  We all know the benefits of having an active lifestyle helps towards having a healthier heart, and what better way to do encourage this active lifestyle than here in the workplace where you spend most of your woken day.

Did you know?

We wanted to get our workforce pumped up this week, getting their heart rates going and engage in some regular exercise. Another great week of activities to help anyone here at Inspired get involved, maybe even lose some weight towards their own goals, and maybe add to our own target in our Newcastle Can Team of 1,000lbs!!

Plus for those who were not contenders, the use of the equipment provided by Tyne and Wear Sport was always available for use afterwards throughout the afternoon and evening.

So, how did the first day’s contenders actually do in the Basketball challenge?

Each pair of contenders had 3 games of 1 minute each to acquire as many points as they can.
These points were totalled at the end to get the teams overall points.

First up were Ryan Richardson and Kye Davison. Unfortunately Kye was unavailable as he hadn’t arrived in time, so the first campaign were having to use their substitution already, and what a great sub it was with Adam Grant coming in to takeover. Although Adam got the minimum points out of the whole group of challengers, his team won by a massive 37 points.

There was only one reason to this, a great tactical choice of player in Ryan. He was so tall he couldn’t even fit into the frame of the video camera.  This was an advantage to the team as he seemed to simply lean over to the basket and ‘drop’ the ball in the net. An easy average of around 70 points per game!

Second up were Barry Hodgson and Jani Bughio, which again Jani didn’t turn up on time so they were also forced into a substitution with Steven Rogers. This could be a shame as Jani was tipped to have pro-grade basketball skills. Mind you, Steven didn’t do bad at all with 109 points! Once he got the knack he was flying with Barry. Unfortunately the effort wasn’t good enough and this team slipped to 3rd position on the podiums.

Last but not least, Sarah Scott and James Myers did amazing. Neither of which had any major advantages for the game, unless you count Sarah’s practice sessions the night before at Namco with the kids in the Metrocentre? Together they collected 259 points with both acquiring over 120 points each – very well done!

Everyone commented on how much effort is needed, not just skill, but regular throwing which raised their heart rates quite a bit.
Great exercise, great fun and a great challenge to start the weekly games on. Next up, the Rowing!