This September is British Heart Foundation month at Inspired.

We have not only teamed up with the BHF for a month of raising awareness of heart disease and fundraising but also with our other partners the Newcastle Stop Smoking Service, Tyne and Wear Sport and Newcastle Can. They each go hand in hand to help improve our health and hopefully losing weight in the process.

Awareness Day

Do you smoke?
Have you ever had heart palpitations from drinking too many energy drinks?
How much exercise do you get on a weekly basis?
Did you know one of our Ops Managers has suffered a heart attack before?

There will be an awareness day hosted in our canteen on Tuesday the 29th August with the British Heart Foundation offering insight, information on heart disease and the chance to try your hand at CPR on an LED Dummy. You can also get information on how to stop smoking, plus get signed up for Newcastle Can and get inspired to lose some weight (if you need it!).



So, how are we helping to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation?
We will have up to 300 free Bag It Beat It bags from the BHF to fill with unwanted stuff. Each bag full of ‘stuff’ is worth around £20 to the BHF. If we can provide over 200 bag fulls that is nearly £4,000 raised for the British Heart Foundation.
So before you throw away any unwanted clothes, DVD’s, toys or books, please put them to one side and fill our bags!

The bags will be available from the 1st of September
You can fill as many as you like and even come back for more throughout the month.

What unwanted stuff can we bag up?

We’re collecting ‘good quality’ clothes, shoes, books, handbags, DVDs, CDs, homewares and children’s toys, so please do fill as many bags as you can. Good quality means resellable condition.

Inspired Allstar Games

In conjunction with Tyne and Wear Sport and the British Heart Foundation we are hosting a week long event of fun games to get your ticker ticking. We have hired some games and equipment from Tyne and Wear Sport and have scheduled the following games…

Each of our campaigns will be competing against each other to gain gold on our podium for the chance to win a prize for the campaign (TBC) at the end. So, what are the rules for the Allstar Games?

Allstar Games Rules

  • ALLStar Games will be hosted in the old kitchen area to the left of reception.
  • Time slots will not affect or interrupt dialling.
  • Each campaign will submit their team members for the associated games listed above by Friday 1st September.
  • Please state which member of your team will be competing in which event/game.
  • You cannot use the same member of your team across other events (give others a chance to get involved).
  • Teams will accumulate points during each game (points stated above) towards a leaderboard and final podium position.
  • If that chosen team member does not show up for the game assigned, that campaign will forfeit that particular game and receive no points (TOP TIP: Don’t call in sick!)

Please try and support your team members & GOOD LUCK!!
Please note: You may also use the equipment hired from Tyne and Wear Sport during break times and spare time in the afternoon once the game(s) have finished for that day.