As we are a vibrant workforce, with a family feel, there is nothing better than a bit of fun and healthy competition between family members to keep spirits high and the banter flowing.

With the Premier League season starting this Friday, what better way to create more buzz in our community than to host our very own Fantasy League through the official Premier League website.

We pride ourselves on our internal activities for our workforce, to break the monotony up, keep everyone active and engaged within the walls of Cuthbert House. We want to see the most creative team names, find out who really does know their football, and hopefully see the same commitment shown when working as within this competition.

Who will opt for spending big money on their strikeforce?
Who will spread the budget across the team?
Which new premier league players are worth the chance?
Who will forget to keep their team updated?

Keep an eye here in our blog for regular updates and reviews.

Facebook Group

We have a dedicated Facebook Group for anyone to join for all the banter, updates and news.

Alternatively, if you do not use Facebook you can join in the banter on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #inspiredoutscoring
Let’s see who will be on top at the end of the 2017-18 season – GOOD LUCK!

Free App For Your Phone

Did you know you can download the FREE Fantasy Premier League App for your phone?
Just search your app store.

Inspired Employees Only

Do you think you are a Premier League wizard?
Are you up early enough for Soccer AM?
Do you sit all day Saturday watching Soccer Saturday swapping foils in your sticker book with your friends or should you be a pundit on Match of the Day?
Girls, maybe you want to show your boyfriend and the boys how it’s done?

Anyone employed at Inspired can enter, including the ladies (we are not sexist here at Inspired). We will be posting regular reviews, updates and sharing stories on the progress of the competition all across social media using the hashtag #inspiredoutscoring
So we hope you will join in with the banter online, keep it real and let’s have some fun this year!

To ALL at Inspired – all you need to do:

  1. Complete our sign-up sheet at reception
  2. Register free on
  3. Join our League using the private access code provided at reception or displayed on the posters/tv screens