As part of our overall goal to improve the health of our workforce, we asked 26 employees to embark on a gruelling 6 week course of intense physical workout regimes and a tailored diet plan.

This bootcamp was setup in partnership with Elite Fitness who allowed special access to their sessions around the work times of our employees. They provided 3 day sessions per week over 6 weeks with a specific diet plan to follow.

How did they do?

Fortunately most survived and some did drop out. Some lost more weight than others, some reduced their waistline instead. But collectively they all improved their health.

Most importantly it helped improve their well-being and focus at work. So a huge congratulations for all that stuck it out over the 6 weeks. We are all proud of you here at Inspired. We know it wasn’t easy as you will find out from the interviews in the video below…

Inspired to Transforn with Elite Together – 1st Week Review

The 1st week of our Elite:Newcastle 'Inspired to Transform' has passed. Let's find out from a few of those involved how it was and how they feel now…( if you don't know much about the elite health and fitness programme, read our blog here – )

Posted by Inspired Outsourcing Limited on Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Inspired, Elite and Newcastle Can

This year another partnership that goes hand in hand with our ‘Better Health at Work’ initiative, alongside the Elite bootcamp, is Newcastle Can. Here our ‘Elite Group’ would contribute to our team’s efforts in losing a committed 1,000 lbs of weight this year and towards the overall Newcastle Can goal of 100,000lbs.

The group actually lost a collective total of 44lbs which was added to the Newcastle Can team leaderboard. Well done everyone!!

There is a special mention to James Paterson and Chelsey Taylor who have been giving up their own time to help Newcastle Can by being recorded and interviewed frequently. Watch out for the billboards (Chelsey alreads stars in one below…)

Of course we don’t stop there. We will continue to work with Elite Fitness going forward offering our employees the chance to improve their fitness, lifestyle and lose weight.

So if anyone is interested within the Inspired family please let your manager or HR know.