Twas the night to remember for a lot of our employees, old and new.

A night where we as a business, a family, get to show our respect to those who have excelled or improved throughout the year. After a lot of planning, deliberating and creating, this year’s annual awards ceremony was on point.

Kevin, our Director was the host of the evening and managed to keep everyone entertained throughout the night with his targeted jokes and specially picked music for each nominee or winner who took to the stage.

Other presenters of awards managed to hold their nerves opening envelopes and shaking hands in front of the 100’s of people attending. There were moments of laughter, applause and emotion for 3 hours before a good handful of people danced the night away down at the Centre for Life.

Which Inspired Awards were there? Who won?

3 Years of Service
We honour those who have been loyal and committed with a place on our legendary ‘Wall of Fame’ and special caricatures from the amazing Barrie James…

New to Inspired's Wall of Fame

New to our Wall of Fame: David Taylor, Amy Halliday, Charlotte Westlake, Lindsay Watson, Laura Dinning, Kyle Milner, Katie Bonallie, Emlyn Hughes, Danny Ching, Brett Wilkinson, Barry Hodgson, Chelsey Taylor

Rising Stars
We don’t just focus on the experienced here at Inspired. New family members also deserve a chance at recognition especially if they are a Rising Star. This year’s rising star’s were…

Rising Stars at Inspired Awards 2017

Rising Stars at Inspired: Anthony Conway, Connor Giles, Connor McCartney, Lenita Caithness


Best Employee in a Supporting Role
We have a number of unique roles here at Inspired, which can be classed as ‘supportive’. Whether that be as a member of IT helping with all the systems within our workplace or simply a case of coaching members of a team. This year’s winner went to Mark Lydon.

Best Employee in Supporting Role at Inspired Awards 2017

Peoples Champion
If there was to be a ‘Players Player of the Year’ this was it. Every employee had a chance to vote on anyone across the company. We decided there should of been a winner from each campaign. This year the winners chosen by their colleagues and own team members were:

People's Champions at Inspired Awards 2017

Voted by the Inspired People: Michael Flannigan, Connor Giles, Beth Wallace, Chris Haswell


Team Manager of the Year
There was a lot of buzz around Team Manager of the Year this year. This one was quite a surprise and a very emotional one from the speech made by our host also named Kevin. The manager who won, Kevin Brown, was certainly humbled by the announcement and deservedly won this year as his campaign goes from strength to strength – well done to him!

Lifetime Achievement Award
For the most loyal characters in the business, this award demonstrates personal success over a long period of time. This year it was Tariq Younis to take home an achievement of a lifetime with our host offering another great speech about him. Of course, Tariq wasn’t in the room at the time so the surprise didn’t work quite so well.

Outstanding Contribution to the Business Award
Nobody else could of won this award this year ahead of Richard Ryan. Without him the cogs would stop turning, the computers, diallers and systems would probably at some point freeze and we couldn’t manage any turnaround of campaigns without him. The only thing he should of won more on the night (because of his amazing outfit) was the bad taste award …

Richard Ryan at Inspired Awards 2017

Bad Taste Award
Speaking of this award, this one was open to everyone at Inspired. There were a few nominations with Warren Watson reluctantly assuming he would win it from the list of final nominees. However it was David Kettle who lifted the Bad Taste award on the night, rather surprisingly too.

Personality of the Year
Only Gavin Jary, the Personality of the Year 2017, could miss out on actually receiving his award by arriving too late. So in his place, his manager – Peter Holland takes it in his honour which he would probably love to win this award secretly himself (not sure what Wayne was doing with the kebab stick, Wayne?)…

Peter Holland at Inspired Awards 2017

Outstanding Contribution
Selected by their managers for outstanding performance, commitment and consistency, each winner was chosen by our judges from a group of nominees across each campaign. These are the high flyers at Inspired – our top sales advisors:

Outstanding Contribution Winners at Inspired Awards 2017

Outstanding Contribution Awards Winners: Dominic De Cristofaro, Ben Taylor, John Nicholson (cough cough, Lindsay Watson), Chris Haswell

Inspired Award
The coveted award for someone who lives and breathes the Inspired way. This person helps promote our core values and keep’s the Inspired family performing to capacity. David Burns wins this very high recognition from everyone across the business:

The Inspired Award 2017

Campaign of the Year
Our campaign who won this year were already assumed to be outright winners. But each campaign manager has to put forward a case to our judges. This year it really was closer than first thought as things really can go against you at the last hurdle. For our winners, this was our biggest campaign and still growing (Tim mustn’t take much notice of his team mates, this wasn’t his campaign 😛 – spot the guy with the beard!):

Campaign of the Year 2017

Check out the rest of the fun we had below in our gallery…


Even Alan Shearer made a surprise appearance, albeit via a video feed. Thanking all who have contributed towards his charity, the Alan Shearer Foundation.

Now, who would like a copy of the DVD?