As a company we have been committed to fundraising for multiple charities in the past.

Alan Shearer Centre

Our current charity partner is the Alan Shearer Foundation where we have raised over £15,000 last year for the Alan Shearer Centre which offers short breaks for people and families impacted by disabilities and acute sensory impairments.

There are three separate facilities on the same site. An activity centre, short break centre and specialist residential home comprise the who Alan Shearer Centre. They also have regular free special events, performances and fun activities at the Centre for all ages and abilities.
Find out more about it here and donate if you can.

Do you know why we dress down every Friday?

To raise these funds we ask each employee to sacrifice £1 of their salary every Friday so they can dress down at work and contribute to the  fundraising. We also host and join other fundraising activities to raise additional amounts such as entering the Great North Run, plus with a charity committee setup we will be running many other activities in the coming months.

This year we hope to beat last year’s amount of £15,000 and we are on target currently with just over £6,000 raised.

Alan Shearer Appearance

At our annual Inspired Awards ceremony Saturday night just gone, we had a special surprise for all our employees who have helped contribute towards our target for this year. That special surprise was a very kind thank you from the man himself, Alan Shearer…

Alan was kind enough to record himself for our awards night to thank everyone for their contribution and commitment. So thank you to him as we know he is a busy man, even if he was off to sunny Portugal for his holidays.

His charity really does make a difference to those affected with disabilities, so if you would like to contribute and donate to Alan’s charity, the Alan Shearer Foundation, you can do so  by clicking the banner below…