Here at Inspired we like to give back to our family of employees for all their hard work and commitment.

Every year we host the Inspired Awards to show our gratitude and celebrate the success of certain individuals and teams. In the heart of the city centre here in Newcastle Upon Tyne, our 180+ workforce descend upon the Centre for Life for a night of fun, entertainment and celebration.

Award Categories

Some individuals deserve huge credit for their sales performance, some for their overall contribution to the business, some for how well they have grown and developed, and of course some staff have great personalities that should be recognised. Let’s take a look at the award categories for this year and what trophies could be taken home at the end of the night…

Inspired Awards 2017 Categories

The Great Gatsby

This year our theme happens to be inspired by the 1920’s and the Great Gatsby. The roaring twenties were seen as the ‘crazy years’ as jazz blossomed, art deco peaked and women known as the ‘flappers’ adopted a new style of dress with knee length skirts, dresses and the marcel wave bobbed hairstyle.  Guys with a short tuxedo, white bow ties and top hats, bowler or trilby, or if you were working class a flat cap (think Peaky Blinders).

Cars, telephones, motion pictures, films and radio took off with industrial growth and the media focused more on celebs and movie stars with the Oscars awards taking precedent to our own awards.

We are hoping to see some of our attendees taking influence from the golden era towards what to wear, but this is not mandatory, as last year everyone looked amazing!

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