The goal is simple. To lose weight, improve fitness, health and general well-being in the workplace.

Inspired to Transform with Andy from Elite TogetherCommitted to developing a healthier workplace, we asked our employees who would like to join a 6 week programme to ‘transform’ their fitness, hosted by elite: Together.

We thought the challenge to acquire course members would be tougher,  but actually a lot of the current group of ‘elite: Transformers’ are ready and willing to get into shape.  For whatever reason, whether it’s getting into shape for a holiday to Ibiza, someone’s wedding or just to lose weight to stay healthy – these confirmed members of the course certainly seem up for improving their fitness.

We hope most, if not all of the group’s members, stay committed to the programme.  Which is why we will be following their progress throughout the next 6 weeks, so good luck to all!

Our starting members of the Elite ‘Inspired to Transform’ group

Andy presents to Inspired Outsourcing Elite Together Course Members

Sarah Barber James Patterson
Abigail Dodd Kieran Hughes
Cameron Johnstone Kay Parker
Maggie Scott Charlotte Westlake
Laura Dinning Andy Heskett
Chelsey Taylor Sarah Krayzanonski
Terri Daniels Connor Giles
David Kettle Chris Haswell
James Coatesworth Rupert Gates
Siobhan Redhead Ben Winter
Elizabeth Storey Laura Ferris
Richard Ryan  


Each member will take part in an intensive 6 week programme of training regimes, commit to a 7 day food plan and be weighed each week.  Here is what elite: Together have to say…

“The Transform programme will re-educate you about eating healthier, and get you into a habit of exercising as part of your routine. This is the chance to create the new you, and we will be there to support you all the way.”

James from Inspired Outsourcing reads elite Together Programme Leaflet


Follow the group’s progress across our social media channels using the hashtag  #inspiredelite6

If you are part of the group above, you can share your own experiences along the way by posting photos or even videos using the same hashtag above and we will look to repost them on our own social media channels.

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