If you’re a smoker wouldn’t you just love to stop? If the answer is yes then read on…

We all know how hazardous smoking is to our health. We all know the facts and figures regarding cancer risks, stroke concerns and of course breathing problems.  But knowing those statistics just doesn’t seem to be enough to help convince a smoker to stop.

Maybe it’s a case of ‘it will never happen to me’, or ‘I still have a lot of time yet’ or maybe it’s simply just ‘I can’t stop’ for whatever reason.

But what benefits here at work would you get (where you spend most of your living days) if you were smoke free? Download and print the following poster for your workspace to remind yourself and your team-mates about the real reasons to quit smoking at work…

Top 6 real reasons to quit smoking PDF Download


Being a smoker in the office

Day in day out a lot of your conversation will be about how you have no money to go out, can’t pay the bills or envious of your workmate’s next holiday in Ibiza. Maybe you’re fed up of being ill all the time or feeling tired constantly with no motivation while your team-mates brag about how many miles they ran the previous night?

Or what about your sex life?
Probably down to your stench and bad breath, and that’s before you battle your poor libido. Your friends at work talk positively about the meals they have had or going to cook, when all you are thinking “Yawn – it’s only food, let’s get a Greggs”.

Then you hear mentions of workmates taking time off because of family bereavement due to cancer diagnosis. At this point we can assume these other workmates must be non-smokers and seem like they are getting much more from their lives than you are currently.

Time to Change?

This can change.  You can be the one bragging about the holiday you just had and the new iPhone you just bought. Or how good your weekend away was last week and how you met someone new who is your world and can’t stop talking about them.  Maybe you cooked them dinner and it tasted so good (better than taking them to McDonalds?).

Try Cold Turkey?

If you were to go cold turkey from the last cigarette you had, this timeline would show you the exact benefits to your health over a 10 year period…

Timeline of Benefits to Quit Smoking at Work Poster PDF

The alternative – Newcastle Stop Smoking Service

As you will see from the benefits timeline, cold turkey can be very difficult.

Great news however!
Here at Inspired we are working again with ‘Newcastle Stop Smoking Service’ and the Lifeline project who will be providing a 12 week course to help you finally stop smoking and become the next happier and healthier person in the office.

Every week there will be sessions held in the break room where the guys will be on hand to offer free support, advice and treatment to help you quit smoking.

Staff Help…

If any Inspired Staff members would like to participate in the 12 week course, please register your interest using the form below:

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