We have pledged to lose 1,000lbs of weight for the Newcastle Can initiative.

This is a big commitment. With over 160 call centre staff, that is around 6lbs each to lose this year. Some may not even need to lose weight but could be healthier.

If they all join it doesn’t sound too difficult. But we need as many of our staff to commit to help make it easier to reach this overall goal. Maintaining the weight loss might be the most difficult aspect of the challenge, especially when you take into consideration how indulgent you get during holidays, weekends and other times of celebration.

So what is the Newcastle Can movement?

“Let’s work together to make this city a fitter, healthier place to live”

In a bold new initiative, Newcastle is trying something a bit different to help the nation lose weight. Celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is working alongside Newcastle Council to ask the people who live, work and play in the city to join up to the campaign #NewcastleCan and commit to losing a total of 100,000lbs over a year.

Who is Hugh?

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is a celebrity chef you might recognise from shows such as River Cottage. He is teaming up with the BBC to produce a series of shows on tackling weight loss in Newcastle. This is a ground-breaking social challenge and he is urging as many people in Newcastle to sign up.


“I have chosen Newcastle to take part in this experiment for two reasons – firstly because the number of people considered obese or overweight in the city is in line with the national average; and secondly, and most importantly, because looking around the city I see a fantastic community spirit that could inspire the rest of the UK” – Hugh

How we are going to influence weight loss in the workplace…

We have some great activities we are going to run which will not only impact weight loss, but also help maintain a healthier lifestyle. Some to start with include:

• Stop the Pop
• Ditch the Lift
• Inspired Running Club
• Lunch & Breakfast Clubs
• Meat Free Mondays
• Juice Day
• 500 Calorie Challenge

How to track your weight loss…

You can submit your weight anytime you like into the Newcastle Can website. This is your own personal weight diary and is not shared publicly. Even joining the team your weight is not shown.


To record your latest weight on the Newcastle Can website, visit then login to your account.

Once inside simply click the ‘Enter your weight now’ button and select your current weight – that’s it!
Your recorded weight loss will be added to our team tally anonymously.


If you are a member of staff you should receive an invitation to join our team via email. Please accept this invitation so we can use your weight loss tally to add to our overall target for Newcastle Can.

Please note: Your weight diary is anonymous, nobody can see your weight or what you have lost, only you. Your weight loss adds to the overall team statistic anonymously.

Think about the great personal achievement you can get with this initiative. Even if you don’t need to lose weight, you can maintain your weight and offer valuable support to your colleagues.