We all want to be successful at what we do.

Here at Inspired Outsourcing we are no different. We like to get the best from our employees and believe the best way to achieve top performance is to find the right balance of work and play to avoid dangers of burnout in the workplace.

This is why we regularly run different activities within our office that promote healthy living while allowing our employees to have a bit of fun.  Another activity we invest in heavily is fundraising, and what better way to achieve all of the above is taking part in Red Nose Day, by Comic Relief.

This year we decided on a dress down day and were looking for last minute ideas for the workplace which were safe, fun and a challenge for our teams. Here are some of the games we came up with…

Red Nose Day Fundraising Ideas for Work

  • Hot Dog Challenge – “Whoever eats 6 hot dogs the quickest wins!”
  • Stand Up for Red Nose Day – “1 minute to tell as many jokes, and make us laugh”
  • Press Up Challenge – “Most press ups in a minute”
  • Dizzy Rascal Challenge– “Spun for 45 seconds then collect and return a red nose”
  • Red Nose Hunt – “4 red noses to be found around the office building”
  • TV Themes Quiz – “10 short audio snippets to identify TV themes”
  • Office Wall Sit – “Who can hold a wall sit the longest?”
  • Office Wheelbarrow Sprint – “Who can complete the race the quickest?”

Each of our 4 teams were asked to provide one person for each challenge above, and the top two teams acquired points which were added to a leaderboard. This instantly created buzz and excitement around the workplace by creating competition between the teams.

You can see below how much fun we had in the office on that day, with the top team winning Domino’s Pizzas…

So, if you know someone looking for a new career challenge with regular incentives , bonuses, plus a fun and exciting place to work (as demonstrated above) then please refer them on Facebook by clicking the send button below…




How much did we raise?

Let’s not forget Red Nose Day is not just about having fun, but also about raising funds to help poverty stricken countries such as those in Africa. So what did we raise exactly?

We raised around £200 for Red Nose Day. Due to our commitments to the Alan Shearer Foundation we probably didn’t raise as much as we would like to for Red Nose Day.

Well done to everyone involved to help raise this for the Red Nose Day cause, we are looking forward to next year already!