It takes a special kind of person to thrive here at Inspired. When we’re recruiting (ahem which we are right now – head over to our careers page) we’re looking for focused and energetic people that are great team players and have excellent communication skills… and it’s an added bonus if you can have a canny good laugh too!

Of course, if you fancy joining the Inspired team, we want to give you the best possible chance of getting your foot in the door so we’ve got some advice for you which might help if you’re thinking of applying. And who better to share their words of wisdom than some of our Inspired award winners…

“Have a bit of character” – Siobhan Redhead


Meet Siobhan, a member of the HR Support Team here at Inspired and winner of the Best Personality Award. She passed on her pearls of wisdom: “The reason that all our staff are here is because we’ve seen something special in them, so remember that. And don’t be afraid to have a bit of character. There are some outstanding people here at Inspired, so you need to stand out!”

“Make sure your sales are completely compliant” – Tom Gunter-Heard

Tom, winner of the Best Breakthrough Act says “Make sure all your sales are completely compliant. I think the quality and quantity of my sales is the thing that helped me to win my award and is a sure-fire way to succeed here. Keep your head down and work hard!”

“Take on more responsibility and grow with the company” – Richard Ryan

Richard Ryan

Richard won The Inspired Award for his loyalty, commitment and outstanding contribution to the company. He said “grow with the company, take on more and more responsibility and stay loyal to your team. I look forward to coming to work, because I work hard and have fun and that is a great feeling.”

“Stay motivated” – Liam Gibson

Liam Gibson

“My advice would be to stay motivated and always try your best to progress. Listen to all the advice you get given too” said Liam, winner of The Rising Star award.

Be flexible” – Wayne Harrison 

Wayne Harrison

“Always be flexible, work hard and be dedicated to the team – that’s what helped me to win my award” said Wayne, winner of The Judge’s Choice Award. “If you take all your feedback on board, you’ll go far here.”

“Be approachable and offer a helping hand where you can” – Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

“It takes time to take it all in, so don’t worry if you don’t get off to a flying start. Always try to be approachable and offer advice where you can too” advised Ben, winner of the Employee’s Choice Award and The Outstanding Contribution Award.

So, there you have it, the team’s top tips on how to do well here at Inspired. Fancy joining the team? You can find any vacancies here.