As you might know, we’ve kicked off the activity for our Better Health at Work Award by surveying all our lovely staff to see where they need help in terms of their health and wellbeing.

The results are in, drum roll please…

…and the three areas we will be focusing on over the coming year are alcohol, smoking and healthy eating and weight loss.

So, in the coming months, we will be carrying out a range of activities in order to inform and support our staff and help everyone to achieve their goals.

The survey results certainly proved very interesting. Here’s a snapshot of what everyone said…

BHAW final



70% of you took part in the survey and of those that did, 56% are looking to make changes to reduce weight. So, we’ve been thinking up some exciting ways we can inspire you to change your eating habits and teach you the best ways to look after yourselves. Watch this space for news on all our activities!

37% of you would be interested in an exercise plan. Aside from our current office antics (squat o’clock anyone?) we’ll be putting some new initiatives in place to give you all a kick in the right direction when it comes to getting active.

We were pleased to hear that over half of you feel able to relax at work, but what about the rest of you? Clearly our games console and pool table aren’t quite cutting it for all of you, so we’re looking for ways to help all of you reduce your stress levels and look forward to coming into work. Ideas on a postcard please!

Almost half of you expressed an interest in quitting smoking… but what about the rest of you, eh?! As one of our key focus areas for the scheme, we’ll certainly be encouraging all of you to kick the habit. It’s great to see that lots of you have already signed up for our stop smoking clinic already – well done!

63% of you said you don’t drink excessively more than once a month… we think there might be a few cheeky white lies there, we’ve seen you on our staff socials! That being said, we’re pleased to see that many of you are aware of the effects of excessive drinking. We’ll be offering lots of guidance and support in making sure each and every one of you looks after yourself.

So, there you have it. The people have spoken and our plans are coming together. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled around the office and on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for information on all our activities.