The first Inspired Awards ceremony took place on Friday 8th July 2016, with team members from all campaigns taking centre stage to celebrate their achievements throughout the year. In the weeks running up to the awards, we liaised with our judging panel and counted the votes for the categories which were out to ballot, creating a shortlist of nominees. We’ll announce the lucky winners in another post (watch this space), but for now meet the stiff competition for the Inspired Awards 2016 and just why they were nominated…

Outstanding Contribution

The Outstanding Contribution Award is in recognition of the Outbound Sales Advisor that has achieved the highest level of performance across all KPIs. The nominees are…

Ben Taylor – Ben’s performance speaks for itself when it comes to meeting or in his case, exceeding targets. He has an exemplary sickness record and an outstanding worth ethic. He is always eager to help his colleagues and share best practice.

Ryan Chisholm – Ryan is top performer, as demonstrated by his KPIs over the last 12 months and the net revenue he’s generated. His willingness to support his campaign either by his commitment to overtime or in helping other agents learn and settle in sets him apart.

Gavin Jary – Since joining Inspired, Gavin has strived to be the best. He has fast become one of the most consistent and highest performing advisors, driven by hunger and desire to do the best he can. His attitude and application sets him apart, coupled with his infectious personality.

Inspired Award

The Inspired Award is in recognition of the employee who epitomizes the Inspired culture, showing great loyalty and flexibility, a really valued member of the team.

Dave Burns – Since joining Inspired, Dave has become the heart and soul of many teams, because of his infectious personality. Not only is Dave recognised for his sales figures, but also for his devotion. The step up to manager was natural for Dave, as he goes above and beyond for his team, the campaign and the company.

Charlotte Westlake – Charlotte has gone from an agent to someone we can rely on in many different roles within Inspired. She’s not only adapted into the Grad Bay Manager role but she’s also involved in recruitment, training and the charity committee, helping out any which way she can.

Richard Ryan – The nuts and bolts of the business, Richard live and breathes Inspired. He almost single handily got Inspired HQ up and running and has played a huge part in its development. days.

Ben Taylor – With an infectious nature, people naturally gravitate towards him. Demonstrating just what can be done with a bit of determination, he’s not just out for himself, but out for the whole team offering help and encouragement.

Rising Star

The Rising Star Award is in recognition of the employee who has demonstrated significant growth and performance due to coaching and support.

Abbie Eckert – When Abbie joined Inspired, she was timid and unsure of herself but has grown to become part of the core team. Through hard work and determination, Abbie has implemented coaching, taking on feedback and going on to achieve targets.

Luke Budd – Luke has had a rollercoaster ride with Inspired, having got off to a rocky start. Within the last year Luke has transformed himself into one of the top 5 agents in his campaign, showing just how far you can go with the right attitude and work ethic.

Sarah Krzyzanowski – Sarah initially struggled to get to grips with her role when she first joined Inspired, but since then has continually grown as an agent and is more consistent and hungry for success. Having taken coaching on board, Sarah has since become an integral part of the team.

Dale Morris – Dale is another member of the team who got off to a rocky start but has since gone full circle to become one of the best sellers on his campaign. Regularly exceeding daily and weekly targets, Dale has established himself as a core employee who can be relied on.

Liam Gibson – Within 3 months of joining Inspired, Liam cemented himself as a core member of the team, having been keen to get involved in many of our workplace initiatives. Showing maturity beyond his years, Liam has demonstrated a fantastic attitude. His attendance is exemplary and his KPIs speak for themselves.

Lifetime Achievement

The Lifetime Achievement Award is in recognition of an individual who has given over 3 years’ service to Inspired whilst attaining high levels of performance and consistency.

Ben Taylor – Throughout his time at Inspired, Ben has reflected the pillars in which the company was built on. Whichever campaign Ben has been part of, he’s excelled. With an unwavering attitude and dedication, he is the first to offer support and guidance to his colleagues.

James Walmsley – James has been with the company since the day it started. During this time, he’s established himself as one of the top performers with his dedication giving him the chance to progress to manger where he quickly established a successful team. The campaigns he has worked on have gone from strength to strength.

Dave Burns – Having come up through the ranks, Dave is now a big part of the management team. Usually the first one in the door every day and one of the last ones out, Dave is a huge character at Inspired (and an exceptional toastie maker). Never off sick, rarely even off on holiday, he is quite literally a model employee.

Tariq Younis – Tariq coasts along silently in the background and is never really one to make much noise. But one thing can be said, Tariq is both an incredibly consistent performer to have, but also a pleasure. A loyal employee who has never turned his back. Tariq is a credit to Inspired.

Suporting Role

The Best Employee in a Support Role award will be awarded to a member of the support team who has excelled in their area.

Emlyn Cole – Emlyn has always demonstrated a great passion for his work and takes real pride in doing a great job. He’s currently working towards a new target within his campaign, and has impressed us so far, giving us confidence he will achieve it.

Abbie Dodd & Ellis Johnson – Abbie and Ellis are not only involved in compliance, quality, queries, complaints and cancellations, they also get involved in other aspects of the business such as revenue protection, training and supporting Grad Bay. They have developed from agents into a really integral part of the business as a whole.

Mark Lydon – Since given the opportunity to join the compliance team Mark has excelled and grown as an employee beyond comprehension, demonstrating commitment and willingness to help. Mark not only ensures everything runs at a high level, but also deals with complaint handling, compliance audits, scripting and the administration of sales.

Best Breakthrough

The Best Breakthrough Act award will be given to an individual who has quickly established themselves as part of the fabric of Inspired.

James Cotesworth – When he joined Inspired, James had no sales experience but came in confident and exceeded daily targets. From day one James hit the ground running, establishing himself as a key member of the team.

Eskiah Ademasso – With a massive personality (and fashion sense to match) and an endearing approach, Eskiah was the perfect fit for Inspired. With this nature he started hitting sales figures immediately. He is still hitting targets today all the while bringing his own personality to the floor.

Tom Gunter-Heard – From the day Tom joined Inspired, he has slotted in like he has been here for years. A model employee, Tom always dresses smart, is well-spoken and polite, and is eager to climb the ranks. A consistently great performer, Tom has great stats and compliance scores, achieving good results week in and week out.

Personality of the year

Awarded to an individual who knows how to make everyone smile and brings real personality to their role.

Kieran McDermott – Kieran has one of the biggest personalities across the business, putting aside his consistent top performing status. He’s well known for his outrageous outbursts and terrible dress sense. He loves the business and puts his heart and soul into work every day, without him, Inspired would not be the same.

Siobhan Redhead – A fantastic character to have in the company, Siobhan’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious and she really brings a smile to not only the agents’ faces but the clients we have on-site on a regular basis.

Dave Burns – With a larger than life personality, Dave can lift the whole floor at times. Across all of the campaigns he’s worked on, Dave has shown just why he deserves a nomination in this category.

Fred Thomas – It’s hard to look beyond Fred in terms of personality as he’s always kept smiles on everyone’s faces. Whether it be his erratic hair, his tweed coat, low cut t-shirts and neck scarves, or his white gloves, his fashion sense is a reflection of his big personality.

Employees choice

Essentially the players’ player of the year, the Employees’ Choice Award will be awarded to an Outbound Sales Advisor nominated by their peers for outstanding contribution. The nominees with the most votes are…

Ben Taylor

Aaron Ryder

Gavin Jary 

Most Inspired Leader

Awarded to the member of the leadership team who has embodied the Inspired ethos and demonstrated a high standard of leadership during the last 12 months, as nominated by their peers. The nominees with the most votes are…

Dave Burns

Paul Turnbull

James Walmsley

Terrible taste

Awarded to an individual who is well known for having terrible taste, probably demonstrated by their choice of attire on dress down Fridays, or perhaps someone who eats horrific food, as nominated by their peers. The nominees with the most votes are…

Fred Thomas

Paul Turnbull

Mitchel Henderson

Judges Choice

Nominated by senior management and the directors of the company, this person will have demonstrated amazing loyalty, flexibility and commitment to the business as well as excelling in their role. The nominees are…

Richard Ryan

James Walmsley

Dave Burns

Paul Turnbull

Wayne Harrison

Danny Wells

Watch this space for more information about the winners of the night!

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