Inspired 2

Here at Inspired, not only are we dedicated to the training and progression of our own staff, but we understand how important it is for companies to get involved in helping people who are out of work to develop the skills they need to get a great job. That’s why we first partnered with TKO Consulting.

Together with TKO we’ve set out to ‘inspire’ people who are looking to get back into work and as part of our new partnership we recently hosted a site visit at Inspired HQ.

The visit
The day saw former Newcastle United player, Olivier Bernard, TKO founder, Richie Ellison and some of our staff at Inspired come together to help learners, who came through Home Group, to get some great advice and learn some top skills.

First off we showed them around our offices – after all who wouldn’t be inspired by that view – we wanted to give our visitors the chance to really experience our culture and how our team work together so that we could help them to understand how important business values can be when hiring.

Then our Head of Resource, Tracy Taylor, gave a presentation about the types of roles at Inspired and talked about what we look for in our candidates, before handing over to our very own success story, Emlyn Cole.

Emlyn, who joined our team just under three years ago came via a similar programme to the one run by TKO Consulting. Since he joined us after 11 years in unemployment he has progressed and held various roles in the business. Making him the perfect person to speak to the group.

The future
The day was not only a success but a good laugh too. It was great to meet some of the candidates that TKO help, we wish them the best of luck in their future career and who knows! It could be at Inspired!

TKO testimony
“TKO are delighted to have been working with the team at Inspired for the past 3 years. We work together to engage with the local community who through a variety of reasons have found it difficult to find employment or improve their lives. This may be through issues such as mental health, homelessness or just general bad luck. We share the same ethos in that every person has hidden talents and often just deserve the chance to demonstrate them in the work place. We have seen some amazing and life changing results in the past and we look forward to working with them for many years to come!”

Richie Ellison, Founder, TKO – Training, Knowledge & Opportunities

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