Sports at Inspired

Inspired Out Scoring – Fantasy Premier League Starts

As we are a vibrant workforce, with a family feel, there is nothing better than a bit of fun and healthy competition between family members to keep spirits high and the banter flowing.With the Premier League season starting this Friday, what better way to create more buzz in our community than to host our very own Fantasy League through the official Premier… Read More

We lost 44lbs for Newcastle Can with Elite Fitness

As part of our overall goal to improve the health of our workforce, we asked 26 employees to embark on a gruelling 6 week course of intense physical workout regimes and a tailored diet plan.This bootcamp was setup in partnership with Elite Fitness who allowed special access to their sessions around the work times of our employees. They provided 3 day sessions… Read More

Elite Together – 6 Week Transformation Starts

The goal is simple. To lose weight, improve fitness, health and general well-being in the workplace.Committed to developing a healthier workplace, we asked our employees who would like to join a 6 week programme to ‘transform’ their fitness, hosted by elite: Together.We thought the challenge to acquire course members would be tougher,  but actually a lot of the current group of ‘elite: Transformers’ are… Read More

If Newcastle Can lose weight, Inspired Can

We have pledged to lose 1,000lbs of weight for the Newcastle Can initiative.This is a big commitment. With over 160 call centre staff, that is around 6lbs each to lose this year. Some may not even need to lose weight but could be healthier.If they all join it doesn’t sound too difficult. But we need as many of our staff to commit… Read More