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Should Auld Acquaintance be Forgot?

We know tis the season to be merry (tra la la la la), but once the party festivities are over come January the 2nd, many people set a New Year Resolution.

Forget your Smoking acquaintance

We are no different here at Inspired and have again joined forces with the Newcastle Stop Smoking service offering a programme and guidance to our large number of smokers in our business. We are hoping for some of our team to set a New Year resolution and join our fresh stop smoking group starting in January.

David in the video above has stopped smoking since 4th May 2017 as a result of joining the free Stop Smoking Service here at Inspired. They provide different ways to help you stop, in David’s case he was issued free nicotine patches regularly on a plan.

David’s statistics:

  • 23 Years Smoked
  • 160,000 cigarettes smoked
  • Spent £55,000
  • Lost average of 3 years of life

Since he quit:

  • 6 months quit
  • 4,336 cigarettes not smoked
  • Saved £1,638
  • Gained 6 Years

Will you be making a ‘Stop Smoking New Years Resolution’?
If like David, you have children, a New Year resolution to stop smoking could give you an additional 6 years of life with your children.